Yoga and Mountain adventures two of Gemma's favourite activities!

What is Yoga?

The term Yoga is derived from Sanskrit and can be translated as Union. The tradition of Yoga can be traced back to the Vedas – Ancient Indian texts composed over 2500 years ago.

Yoga has many health benefits and has been embraced by the West as an exercise system with increasing vigour since the 1980s. Yoga is a vast all encompassing science and the physical postures or asanas are just one aspect. Pranayama or breath control and Dhyana – meditation often features in a Yoga classes too.

There are many different types of Yoga class – some focused on fitness others on relaxation. Gemma aims to blend the various aspects of Yoga with her own experiences to inspire classes which are accessible, fulfilling and fun.
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Gemma first encountered Yoga many years ago when she went along to a class to keep her Mum company. Happily since then Yoga has continued to feature in Gemma’s life, initially as a complementary technique to her professional dance training and later as an independent practice in its own right.

In 2013 Gemma was awarded a Lisa Ullmann Travelling Scholarship which enabled her to go to India, the birthplace of Yoga to deepen her experience and knowledge of the subject. She undertook a teacher training course at Sampoorna Yoga in Goa before travelling to Rishikesh where she further broadened her awareness of Yoga.

Following her travels she returned home to Cornwall, registered with Yoga Alliance UK and established RoseHip Yoga. She has gone on to specialise as a Pregnancy Yoga teacher with Bristol City Yoga and also undertook training to facilitate Laughter Yoga sessions, having encountered it on her travels in India.

Gemma’s knowledge of anatomy and Yoga is complemented by a strong physical understanding and love of movement. She is passionate about Yoga and finds great joy in sharing her experience with others so they too may reap the health rewards which Yoga has to offer.

As for Gemma’s Mum Sheila, she is now a regular student at RoseHip Yoga and Gemma is forever grateful to her for inviting her to that first class all those years ago!
Gemma qualifying in India